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Institutional Offerings

At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kutch, spread over 55 acres, we have developed capabilities to manufacture a wide variety and grades of high quality industrial use products.

Refined Glycerine CP
Test Parameters Specification
Appearance Clear, colourless, odourless, syrupy liquid.
Glycerol, % (w/w) Min 98.0
Relative Density @30℃ Min 1.2552
Colour on Lovibond Scale as Y + R (5 ¼ “ cell) Max 1.0
Ash, % (w/w) Max 0.01
Arsenic (as As), ppm Max 2.0
Copper To pass test
Iron (as Fe) ppm Max 0.50
Lead (as Pb) ppm Max 1.0
Chlorides (as Cl) ppm Max 10.0
Sulphates (as SO4) ppm Max 10.0
Alkalinity (as Na2O), % (w/w) Nil
Fatty Acid & Ester, % (w/w) Max 0.030
Acraldehydes & Glucose To pass test
Reducing Substances To pass test

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Packaging Details:
Tanker Load and 250kg HDPE drums.
Application :
  • Thickening agent in Cosmetics and Foods
  • Preservative & Sweetening agent in foods and beverages
  • Plasticizer in Packaging, Paints and Paper industry, etc