Anchor Oral Care

At Anchor, innovation in products and meeting consumer needs have always been of utmost priority. Pioneering the use of calcium phosphate in toothpastes extracted from rock rather than bone ash to meet the Indian vegetarian consumers’ needs is just one such example. Anchor’s clinically approved oral care products offer definitive benefits to ensure you and your family have healthy teeth, healthy gums, and a fresh breath.

  • Advance Cavity Protection Toothpaste

    Anchor Grip formula contains calcium, fluoride & active Micro cleaners. Its fluoride system helps give advanced cavity protection. Its calcium strengthens your teeth. The active micros cleaners help prevent bacterial plaque and give a thorough clean feeling.

    Key Product Benefits

    1. Prevents plaque build up
    2. Strengthens teeth
    3. Fresher breath with extended freshness
    4. Sparkling white teeth
    5. Advance protection from Cavities
  • Miswak Toothpaste

    Anchor Miswak toothpaste offers a unique combination of advance dental science and benefits of Miswak extract and Habbat Al-Barakah Extract.

    Key Product Benefits

    1. Active calcium & fluoride system helps strengthen teeth and protect from cavities.
    2. Miswak helps fight bad breath and reduce plaque
    3. Healthier gums, stronger teeth
  • Cool Gel Toothpastes

    Anchor Gel Toothpaste with Cool Mouthwash, your secret to a radiant smile and lasting freshness. The advanced formula, enriched with active micro-cleaners, gently removes stains for a brighter, sparkling white smile. The cool mouthwash infusion ensures your breath stays fresh.

    Key Product Benefits

    1. Active micro cleaners for sparkling white teeth
    2. Cool mouthwash for lasting freshness
    3. Effective fluoride helps to protect teeth
  • Clove Power Toothpaste

    Anchor Clove Power has one of the highest concentrations of clove oil in its formulation. Clove keeps your gums and teeth healthy and is known to have several beneficial properties which help to maintain good oral hygiene

    Key Product Benefits

    1. Clove Oil is a natural remedy against bad breath in your mouth
    2. Helps make gums tighter and teeth stronger
    3. Maintains the health of the gums
  • Cavity Protection & Whitening with HAP

    Anchor Cavity Protection & Whitening with HAP Toothpaste is a double mint flavor white toothpaste based on calcium hydroxyapatite technology. Hydroxyapatite a naturally occurring mineral, a form of calcium helps to fill the invisible holes and cracks in teeth. HAP along with Tetra sodium pyrophosphate helps in whitening teeth.

    Key Product Benefits

    1. Remineralizes teeth by filling and repairing invisible holes and cracks
    2. Whitens teeth's
    3. Double Mint Flavor for long lasting freshness
  • Anchor Sensitive Toothpaste

    Anchor’s Sensitive Formula contains Potassium Nitrate, a clinically proven ingredient that soothe the nerves in the exposed dentin and therefore protects against tooth sensitivity.

    Key Product Benefits

    1. Provides relief from Tooth Sensitivity
    2. Protecting against Cavities
    3. Eliminating Plaque
    4. Freshening Breath
  • Jungle Kids Toothpaste

    Anchor Jungle Kids Toothpaste - a paraben-free formula designed specially for kids for strong teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath. Enriched with Xylitol to combat cavities. A fun and healthy dental experience for your little ones.

    Key Product Benefits

    1. Paraben Free
    2. Strong Teeth
    3. Healthy Gums
    4. Fresh Breath
    5. With Xylitol to help protect teeth against cavities
    6. Safe if swallowed accidentally
    7. Orange Natural Vitamin C (Orange Variant)