Viva Beauty Essentials Soap

New Viva beauty soap is enriched with beauty essentials. Its great quality, hand-picked ingredients and long-lasting fine fragrances make your skin radiate from within.

  • Nourishing Milk and Almond

    Enriched with milk & almond, new Viva keeps your skin nourished and healthy. Its goodness gives your skin a natural glow and its long-lasting fragrance makes for a soothing bathing experience.

  • Refreshing Lime and Aloe Vera

    Packed with lime’s freshness and aloe vera’s nourishment, new Viva revives your skin for a radiant and youthful look. Its long-lasting fragrance makes for a zesty bathing experience.

  • Revitalizing Milk & Rose

    The goodness of rose extract & milk cream in the new Viva helps hydrate and revitalize your skin. Relish its fine fragrance and the soft & supple feel that leaves on your skin.